Family Portrait Photography, Lafayette, CO, Old Farm

I got to meet this family when I shot their newborn photos of their little man earlier this year, and so it was so much fun to shoot family portraits for them 6 months later!  Their brand new little guy I had met earlier this year is not so brand new and little any more!  I love working with this family, and what’s been great about getting to know them is that their older son has really begun to let his fun loving, energetic, and perhaps even slightly mischievous (in a fun way) personality out around me, which lead to the most adorable photos!  These photos make me smile every time I look at them, they are a true expression of how much fun this family has with each other!

IMG_2464 IMG_2889-Edit-Edit IMG_2877 IMG_2836 IMG_2828 IMG_2819 IMG_2804 IMG_2757 IMG_2740 IMG_2702 IMG_2580 IMG_2540 IMG_2486-Edit